Call for Papers: National Systems of Economy or European Integration – What can we learn from List for today?

National Systems of Economy or European Integration – What can we learn from List for today? A One-Day Symposium on the Bicentenary of Friedrich List’s Address to the German Federal Assembly (1819)

The University of Manchester, 18 October 2019

With support by the Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (University of Manchester & Manchester Metropolitan University) and the University of Manchester (UK)

Keynote Speakers: Prof Erik Reinert (The Other Canon Foundation and Tallinn University of Technology) & Prof Markus Lampe (Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien/Vienna (AU)

“38 customs frontiers cripple domestic exchange within the German nation, with the same effect that a total suppression of blood flow between each individual limbs of the human body would have.” Thus began the 1819 Petition to the German Federal Assembly drafted by Friedrich List, on behalf of the newly founded Allgemeine Deutsche Handels- und Gewerbeverein (General German Association of Industry and Commerce). List the economic nationalist is well known, a protectionist and supporter of tariffs. Much less less-well known is his love of free trade and political integration. What can we learn from List today, particularly in the face of rising nationalism, Brexit and Trump, but also the fear of European disintegration and a common public delusion which still throws economic nationalism into the same dark pot as political nationalism and chauvinism? The proposed workshop invites answers by scholars on List, economic and political nationalism and the history of political economy, the role of the state in economic development, and political as well as economic integration as sources of economic development. 

Presentations by postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers are specifically encouraged. There is no conference fee; participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements. We provide lunch and drinks during the conference. Scholars are invited to submit paper abstracts of no more than 500 words to by 30 August 2019.

Conference chairs: Phil Roessner & Nuno Palma (University of Manchester).